Block 3 of MOVE IT classes begins Monday 16 May and will run for 8 weeks, until week beginning 4 July 2022.

We can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

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This year, classes will run for 16 consecutive weeks, with a weeks break between the next 16, giving us time to rest and recuperate before getting back on the dance floor.

Fun & Funky,


is a weekly post-disco, post-ballet, 

post-aerobics style 

movement based 

dance class for anyone of any age.


Get your

groove on

whilst improving your physicality,


and flexibility in a safe space.

"The classes are the best I have so much fun and look at my butt!" - Christina 

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Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring water and a yoga mat if you have one.

We are still  following government

guidelines regarding the number of people in a given space, physical distancing and hygiene.


Block 3 starts from the week beginning Mary 16 and will run for 8 weeks.

The cost is $20.00 per session or the full 8 week block for $120.00!


You can book and pay online or just reserve a spot for a session and pay at the door.

Class Schedules

MOVE IT - Newrybar


6.00pm - 7.00pm

Newrybar Community Hall

13/15 Old Pacific Highway

Newrybar NSW  2479

Come and have some fun whilst getting fit with fabulous music.

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An hour of serious dance moves &

deep stretching,

nostalgic &

current feel good music 

and spontaneity &


with Philip and his

amazing roster of

backing dancers.

A response to the COVID 19 pandemic and the closure of our usual in person classes, MOVE IT - Live Online was born out of our desire to keep connected with our loyal fan base, offering joy and a damn good work out during isolation. 


This opened up a whole new community of MOVERS from across the state, nationally and internationally so now, wherever you are in the world, you are now able to join is from the comfort of your own home.

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Unable to attend our classes in person?

Why not experience

MOVE IT - Live Online.


Make sure you have a water bottle, matt or a cushion and a towel cos we’re gonna make you SWEAT!

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We offer a number of 

classes for you to subscribe to.


A live recorded class with Philip. 


A live recorded class with a guest teacher.  


A Pilates / Yoga class.

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An initiative of Dance Integrated Australia, MOVE IT began as a way to get more people dancing in the NSW Northern Rivers region, with classes springing up in Byron Bay, Newrybar, Clunes, Repentance Creek, Lismore and Brunswick Heads.

The classes originated from a request by a couple of members of the Marvell Hall Committee.


It started off with a small group of people coming together to do a Silent Disco exercise class, once a week with the original teacher, Tess Eckert leading the class. Then, Tess went on holiday and Philip Channells took the lead.


It became so popular there were more people attending than there were headsets available.

"It was all about having fun and not taking myself, or each other, so seriously," 


"That was the recipe for success."

 - Philip Channells

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Annie b&w headshot for web.jpg

Strong, precise and energetic in dance  - calm and graceful whilst leading yoga.

Delia b&w headshot for web 2.png

Elegant, poised and balletic, she has strong technique and  graceful moves.

Leigh-Anne b&w headshot for web.jpg

Her bubbly personality and exceptional technical skill are hard to resist.

Robert Tinning Head Shot for web.jpg

With contemporary dance vibes merging Latin influences - he adds a different flavour.

Sean b&w headshot for web.jpg

The man behind the scenes, behind the screen and sometimes on the dance floor.

His effervescent personality and dance moves will really get you going.

Waangenga  b&w headshot for web.jpg

He connects the body to the earth with a strong, fluid physicality.

Xenia b&w headshot for web.jpg

Latin flavours and hip shaking belly dance movements are her thang.

The woman who initiated the concept in Byron Bay that became MOVE IT.

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Philip Channells 


phone      0432 073 304

Sean Campbell  


phone    0432 714 534